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Check the types of building facades

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:48 pm    Post subject: Check the types of building facades Reply with quote

Examine the facade of the building:

The facade of the building is one of the busiest parts of the building to build a building that incorporates many factors such as chic, modernity, relaxation, thermal insulation and safety, and prevents energy loss in a building. Today, the implementation of the facade of the building, based on its application, can be implemented using several methods and materials. Come along with us to take a quick look at each of the methods of implementing the facade of the buildings and their advantages and disadvantages.

1) Run a brick view

The brick facade creates a pleasant atmosphere and, due to its low thermal transfer coefficient, plays a significant role in creating thermal insulation in a building. The bricks used in the construction of the building are very sturdy and resistant. These bricks are prepared in various colors and sizes in the furnaces and are quite refractory. In the traditional brickwork, bricks are bonded with mortar, a mixture of cement and sand and water, but today with the
advances made in the field of architecture, the brick facade can be applied using a dry facade system, in This technique uses metal hardware such as rails to attach bricks to each other.

Among the advantages of the brick facade are the following:

Sound insulation, thermal

Reducing energy dissipation

Environmental protection due to natural structure

Strength and long life

Preservation of historical identity

Brick Facing Flaws:

In the past, for the installation of brick facades, the fastening system had problems such as building weight gain, incomplete connection to the main walls of the building, and failure to resist natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, but with the installation methods that are commonplace today, the disadvantages of the methods The traditional one has been completely eliminated and the efficiency of buildings with brick facades has increased.

2) Rocky facade:

Stone is one of the most widely used tools for decorating the interior and exterior of a building, which has been widely used by architects from the past to this day. Nowadays, the use of travertine has been able to find a good place in the variety of rocks that can be used as stone. The rocks are erected by mortar on a building and bring a flat surface to a building, which, using new methods, allows the stone to be launched at different angles and geometric shapes. These days, the Achaemenid Achaemenid Different designs and shapes.

The benefits of rocky faces:

Has color stability

There is no pollution at all.

Has a great variety in color and sex.

Rocky Facing Disadvantages:

Expensive execution costs.

It's time to run.

At high altitudes it is hard to run.

If the stone does not fill the masonry face correctly, after filling the stone with the mortar, after a period of time at a distance between the stone and the wall, the stone is removed from the wall, and because sometimes it can not be rocks of the same Stone finds it has difficulty repairing, travertine has higher dowels than other rocks.

Glass facade:

Glass is also one of the decorative tools that plays an important role in the construction of the facade of buildings and their beautification. Using glass in addition to the beauty can also provide light inside the building. The quality of the glass and the soundproofing and thermal insulation is very important. Today, the use of unbreakable double or triple glazing is very popular, and most modern buildings devote a large part of their view to the glass, which, of course, makes use of the whole glass view to cause energy dissipation.

Glass Advantages:

Speed ​​on run

Provides visibility to the outside of the building

Combined with all materials

Lightweight and repairable

Has a variety of colors


The use of glass is an inevitable part of a building's multiple parts, but if used for the overall view of the building, it will use energy.

The glass is easily dirty and clean and clean.

The double-glazed unit does not have ordinary impact resistant glass.

4) Implement Composite View:

Composite facade is executed using composite sheets, which contain combinational materials containing two layers of aluminum sheet and a layer of polyethylene material, in which the total thickness of the composite aluminum sheets reaches 4 mm . These sheets are lightweight and their outer layer is covered by an apex resin bed and a PVDF layer that stabilizes the color, and to protect the sheets, a layer of film is used that will then be installed in place of this layer. Gets

Aluminum composite composite can be implemented with rock design or wood design. The stone designs sheet consists of three layers of laminated laminate coating on the aluminum surface in a variety of designs and colors. The sheet of sheet wood is also usable inside and outside the building. These sheets consist of a laminate layer.

Advantages of composite sheet:

The beauty and luminance of the aluminum sheet

Automatic Clearance Feature

Implementation in a variety of colors

Flexible Sheets

Run promptly


Long lifespan

Sound and thermal insulation


Lack of impact resistance and extreme pressure

5) Thermo View:

ThermoWood is a hardy processed wood that is resistant to weather conditions, heat and rot. Wood heat treatment removes all harmful substances and resin from the wood and eliminates the bacteria in it and provides a pure and sterilized material that, in addition to the facade, can be used in interior parts of the building such as stairs, ceilings, doors and windows. , Sauna and so on. In addition, this material can be combined with other materials and brings a good effect to the building, and in western countries, it has many uses for the construction of residential buildings and facades.

Thermo benefits:

Quick and easy installation

Stability and durability against wear and environmental conditions

Ability to cut and create arched models

Easy to install and easy to install

Easy maintenance and cleaning

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