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Are u a sugar addict?

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:17 pm    Post subject: Are u a sugar addict? Reply with quote

As we approach Christmas, I wonder if this year you are going to abuse yourself with all those wonderful foods! Over the years, we are eating less in our household, and the food is healthier. Up until recently, one vice we found hard to kick was that of Chocolate!

At I did write some articles on what is in supermarket chocolate. I did wonder why it makes you sick, when eating healthy chocolate gives you more energy, better skin, improved circulation and a wide variety of amazing benefits! Well, something interesting has happened!

OK, it is confession time! For years we have purchased 4-5, 250 gram blocks of Cadbury chocolate, plus a share pack or two and other candies week after week. Now, we are health nuts, but it is just so difficult to resist these treats! Some of you will be appalled, while others will know exactly what we are talking about.

A few months ago, I started eating Chava. A couple of my friends mentioned they thought they had less craving for sweats, but I hadn’t really noticed. Well I just realized that all that chocolate has been sitting untouched in the fridge for months! 2 pieces of Chava a day means we simply don’t reach for the chocolate bars anymore!

The Chava Difference

I may have told you the story of my friend who purchased 20 odd 250 gram blocks of Cadbury Gold on special. Her teenage son, a chocoholic, ate 17 of them one day and was very sick! A test revealed elevated levels of lead, something you don’t want in your body. We know that normal chocolate contains toxins and heavy metals, particularly lead, and that the levels can increase by up to 10 times when producing the chocolate! (Environ Health Perspect. 2005 October; 113(10): 1344–1348). The report notes “Although the lead content of cocoa beans is as low as or lower than those of hundreds of different foods in the United States and elsewhere, lead concentrations of manufactured cocoa are among the highest of all foods”.

Chava, on the other hand contains 5 drops of activated liquid zeolite in each piece. The unique properties of Zeolite mean that any toxins present will be soaked up, leaving a pristine chocolate with all the health benefits and none of the nasties – perfect! But wait, there is more!

What About The Sugar?
We all know that refined white sugar is one of the most addictive and poisonous substances on earth. Food such as carbonated drinks and breakfast cereal can contain up to 30% or more sugar to give them their addictive flavor. Food manufacturers deliberately put them in everything, including hamburger buns to encourage repeat sales. No, they are not trying to poison us, they are greedy. Unfortunately the result is Diabetes and any number of illnesses.
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Well, Chava contains dried sugar cane juice. This is very good news for diabetics. The “sugar” is contained in a complex food matrix, so it is very hard to digest, This means it releases slowly, making it safe for diabetics. The fact that we have lost our craving for sweets, means we are now getting the health benefits of Chava, and have lost one of the main sources of toxicity at the same time. Surely this is a good thing!

A More Positive Attitude
One thing I didn’t really understand is how much our physiology effects our mood. Many who have depression are unaware that food may be the cause. Lack of nutrients can do it too, and of course there is stress. I am of the opinion that not every disease is genetically based, and I find a disturbing trend by researchers to indicate we just have to start changing our DNA, and we will all live forever. When I feel a bit down, and everyone who works for themselves does occasionally, I eat 2 pieces of Chava and within 30 minutes I am feeling more positive again. I ran out one time, and for a few days it was not pleasant around this household!
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